Chiropractic… Bringing out the best in you.

Referring Others

How Did You Find Out About Chiropractic?

Where would you be if your spine was never adjusted?  What would your health be like if someone never told you about chiropractic?  Would you be swallowing pills?  Having surgery?

Fortunately, someone did tell you about chiropractic. And you were open-minded, looking for real health answers, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and tired of medications or failed surgies enough to seek a doctor of Chiropractic. You’ve joined the many millions of people who have found relief from dis-ease and regained their health under Chiropractic care.

Many Suffer For Years

What about those who may never discover Chiropractic? They may live on drugs because their M.D. may have told them they’ll just have to “learn to live with it.”   They don’t know that the statement, “There is no cure,” means only that there is no standard medical cure. They don’t know that there may be other approaches to their problem.

Why won’t their M.D. refer them to a chiropractor?  Unfortunately,  medical education doesn’t teach M.D.s and nurses about Chiropractic’s benefits and they are not trained to refer a patient to a chiropractor. There is hope with the new M.D.’s coming out of school. They are now taught and make rounds with Chiropractors to get to know exactly what a Chiropractic Physician does. In fact, hospitals around the country now have Chiropractic Specialists working in them.


A Special Tragedy

Many of your friends and relatives suffer with spinal subluxations and nerve damage that a chiropractor could easily correct. The answer to their health problems may be literally around the corner, down the block or across the street. They may never have the good fortune of having someone suggest that they see a doctor of chiropractic.  That is up to you. 

Children and Chiropractic

Chiropractic’s success with children is well documented. Many medial treatments fill children with pills and chemicals of all kinds while the young spine may remain full of spinal subluxations.

How can we tell our children that it’s wrong to take drugs when we ourselves resort to them? For the sake of our children’s health, we should show them that non-drug alternatives are valid and should be explored before resorting to drug therapy. It is a true horror story that alot of children are on very dangerous drugs with many side affects. Antidepressants, ADHD medications, etc… Most symptoms can be alleviated through an integrative approach of  proper nutrition, exercise, staying away from processed foods and spinal adjustments.

Without a friend or a caring relative to give advice, fewer people might enter a chiropractor’s office for the first time. And without support or encouragement, safe, painless chiropractic care may seem more frightening than the prospect of major surgery!

You Took That First Step…

…and entered the world of chiropractic – this natural, safe, drugless healing art that has saved so many people from drugs, surgery and suffering.

He’ll Crack You?

Will you bestow on others the good fortune that has become yours? Are your family members’ spines being ignored while your spine is getting healthier?

But, please, don’t say things that will scare off the very people you’re trying to help such as, “I always tell my friends that if you crack them they’ll feel better.”  Ugh!!  Telling people that the doctor will “crack” their necks or “break” and “crunch” their bones is not only scary, it’s wrong!  Doctors of chiropractic take pre-med courses before entering a Chiropractic University and spend more than four years and thousands of hours studying  anatomy, physiology, spinal biomechanics, neurology and many other subjects in order to deliver a precise, scientific, artistic spinal adjustment to relieve spinal subluxations. Your Chiropractor is well educated, but does not give out drugs that can cause dangerous side affects.

What the doctor gives the patient is not a “crack.” If and when a sound may be heard, it is simply the releasing of gases in the joints, similar to the “cracking” of knuckles.  However, many spinal adjusting techniques do not cause any sound at all but are quiet, very gentle and barely felt.


Chiropractic is by far the safest health care around. Over 100,000 people a year are killed by our current health care system from drug interactions, botched surgeries, hospital infections… and the list goes on. Your Chiropractor is a whole health specialist using modern techniques, nutrition, exercises, rehab and other integrative means to get you healthy. Life sustaining drugs should only be used when you absolutely need them. If you need other expertise, your Chiropractor can make the proper referrals, order labs and diagnostic testing to point you in the right direction. Some people need a multi-discipline approach.  So what are you waiting for? Get healthy the natural way through Chiropractic!

Become A Health Revolutionary

Become a health revolutionary and turn someone you care about to chiropractic. Please pass the message on to someone you know who is suffering so that chiropractic can awaken their health potential too. After all, someone told you…


No matter what disease or condition you have, you can benefit from a healthy spine. Spinal health can be as important for your overall healing as proper nutrition.  Are you and your family carrying the vertebral subluxation complex in your spines? Only a chiropractic spinal checkup can find out.

 Among the many things contributing to your health: the quality of the air, food and water you take in; how you handle emotional stress; your inherited weaknesses and strengths; your use of drugs; exercise; and relations – a healthy spine is absolutely essential. In some people it is a major factor and can make the difference between a life of health, strength and vitality or a life of disease, weakness and disability.

A healthy spine can improve your life – see your chiropractor for your initial care and be sure to continue care at a wellness level  to keep you healthy.