About Dr. Frangedakis

Dr. Paul Frangedakis

Paul John Frangedakis, DC is a 1993 Graduate of Life Chiropractic University.  He established Clays Mill Chiropractic in 1994 with a vision of a world that is not dependent on drugs. Dr. Frangedakis takes an integrative approach for helping his patients. Utilizing his training as a Physician, Dr. Frangedakis looks at the body as a whole. Nutrition, exercise, positive mental attitude, and a healthy spine are the keys to longevity and healthy living.

Family Life

Dr. Frangedakis has been married to Linda since 1989.  Linda is also the Office Manager. They have 3 children, Eleni, Emilia and Nicholas. They enjoy going to Church as a family, hiking, swimming, and sailing. Being and staying a family are very important for the Frangedakis’s.